The Problem and The Solution

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The problem:

Acccording to Byron Katie: “Addictions are always the effect of an unquestioned mind. The only true addiction to work with is the addiction to your thoughts. As you question those thoughts, that addiction ceases because you no longer believe those thoughts. And as those thoughts cease, as you cease to believe them, then the addictions in your life cease to be. It is a process. And there’s no choice; you believe what you think, or you question it.”

“People say, ‘There are too many concepts to question. ..I’ll never be done with it’…Well, you know, we begin right here, right now or not. But this is the only place we can begin and right here, right now is the only time you will ever have…..and now and now and now. We begin now.”

The Solution
Byron Katie continues, “So to question these stressful thoughts, where is cause for addiction? If you were not worried, if you were not stressed out, and your mind was filled with more joy than your life could give you …Life ceases to be the effect of your happiness. So mind is cause and life is the effect. So as you work with cause, you work with the mind. Then the effects (addiction) have no cause. They have to stop. And if you take out the concept of time, and simply work with the thoughts that are arising for you now, then addictions start to shift. Again, the ultimate addiction is the addiction to our thinking.”

Katie continues, “We work with our thinking and we loose stress, and we move out to addictive behavior because it’s a way almost to control the mind. It’s like if we keep moving, if we just keep being radical enough, then we shift the mind away from what we cannot deal with. But through The Work, we begin to deal with the mind, the stress level drops, so we don’t use things any longer…that ceases, that begins to balance out….and then as the mind gets clearer, we begin to notice that we just notice cause and effect; for example, if you’re allergic to wine, it just becomes clear that if you drink it, you just notice there is an effect that you don’t particularly care for. And maybe there’s not, so you might continue. Or an alcoholic who has an allergy to alcohol….they work with their mind and then one day they just notice, this hurts…this is not what I want…because they’re clear enough to make clear choices. Alcohol gives you a head ache the next morning [addendum by SL:(or some people break out in felonies when they drink and use, or are suicidal, or homicidal, angry, etc)] and that’s when you stop. Your mind is just clear enough that you see the internal effects. And then you begin to see the effects in life that alcohol has on your finances and your physical well being. And because your mind has been questioned, sanity takes over. You become so clear, that if I do this, then the physical effect is this. But because your mind is clear, you can take it in and there is no mind to argue with it, ‘Yeah, but I will get away with it,’ because you are just very clear that that’s just not how you want to live any longer. And I have begun to notice that as the mind is questioned, it takes on a peace that I cannot even talk about.”

Here is where The Work comes in: According to Byron Katie, “The only addiction is the unquestioned mind.”

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