Food/Body image thoughts

September 7, 2009 by  

Are you struggling with stressful thoughts about your body or a food addiction?
Take a look at your thoughts!

Here are some of mine:
You can never be too thin.
I need to loose weight.
If I can only get thinner, then life will be great.
I can only attract a friend if I am “hot.”
My ___________is too big/too small/too__________
What are your stressful thoughts?
People shouldn’t binge.

Fat people are disgusting, lazy, ugly.

If you are in pain, look to your mind and your stressful thoughts.
There are no new stressful beliefs. You are killing yourself by believing your stressful beliefs. If you want your body to improve, question the thoughts that keep you ill, but do it for the love of truth, for freedom.

Let’s say you are going to the refrigerator for ice cream and, before you reach for it, put the story on paper, do The Work, and then you either eat it or not. Every thought is about your identification. It’s as though when you eat the ice cream, notice all the thoughts that attack you; until you come to love yourself, there is no way to understand that love is the power and hate is not. Keep questioning your thoughts until you come to LOVE.

Work with the mind and the body will follow!

Here is one example:

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