Am I an addict?

The Problem
In all my life, I have found only three reasons people use drugs, alcohol or behaviors addictively:

1. To feel better
2. To do better
3. To look better

These only become a problem if they take over your life and you are unable to control or stop using.

The following video will explain how to know if you have a problem, and if so, how much of a problem:

Why do you turn to addictions?
Is it to feel better? To celebrate? To avoid having to feel? To fit in?
To avoid responsibility? For fear? To get through the day?

What are some of the substances you use?

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Love, approval, appreciation

Katie on addiction and recovery
“The ultimate addiction, the only addiction is the mind’s addiction to the stressful thoughts that cause all the suffering in our life. There are many types of addiction that go beyond what most of us think of when we hear the word.

“No one knows where thoughts come from, positive or negative. They just appear. Very early in childhood we begin to believe negative things about ourselves and about the world. I have found that when we believe our stressful thoughts, we suffer, but when we question them, we don’t suffer. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to be happy. That’s why it’s so important to understand how the mind works.”

The Solution: How can one lead oneself out of the pit of believing one’s own negative thinking?

Katie, “We have tried to let go of our thoughts for centuries, and we can’t. It’s not possible. I like to say, “I don’t let go of my thoughts. I question them, then they let go of me.”

How it Works

Using The Work of Byron Katie to locate and utilize the wisdom within you, we are easily able to identify and deal directly with the root-cause of dysfunctional acting-out, addiction, depression,burnout, violence, confusion, fear and pain.

The “how” of dealing with problems finally becomes completely understood, as we question the stressful thoughts that are the cause of all human suffering.