12 Steps of Recovery

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The 3 Stages of Recovery
Step 1: What is the problem?
Step 2: What is the solution?
Steps 3-12: What is the program of action necessary for me to find and to use to implement that solution?

The Nature of the Problem:
AA & The Work ::Powerlessness (alcohol, thoughts)::
AA (“Main problem centers in the mind” AA p. 23
The Work
::An unquestioned mind::

The Solution to the Problem:
AA & The Work ::Power (God, God/love/reality)::
The Work ::Inquiry::

Another way of looking at the steps:

Steps 1-3 Getting right with God
Step 1: I can’t
Step 2: He can
Step 3: I think I’ll let Him

Steps 4-7 Getting right with self
Steps 8-9 Getting right with others
Steps 10-12 Living it out on a daily basis!

Some addictions have a physical component where a craving is set up once the substance is ingested. For the most part, The Big Book and The Work of Byron Katie agree that “the main problem …centers in the mind.” Therefore it is important to begin inquiry from the beginning.

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